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Staging Thoughts

1. Have you home 'showing ready'. Store things away, pack what you can, have things

sparkling clean.  

2. Please have all lights ON. and ceiling fans OFF. Lamps and recessed lighting should be ON, too. Just know we may turn them off for photos if needed. Open blinds as long as the windows are clean and there isn't anything 'ugly' outside the window... such as a neighbor's broken down car. 

3. Clear all pet dishes and paraphernalia. 

4. Hide trash cans if possible.

5. Kitchen: the more space the better. Clear counters, clear the top of fridge, take magnets of fridge or at least make them neat.

6. Living and dining areas: declutter, make as much 'space' as possible. Remove as many personal items as possible, within reason. Hide remotes. 

7. Bathroom: clear personal belongings as much as possible, stage with clean towels, maybe a small flower or knick knack, close shower curtain, hide trash can.

8. Bedrooms: clear personal belongings a much as possible... hide CPAP, remotes, hampers, make bed. 

9. Outside: emphasize curb appeal. Flowers and plants make a nice statement, but clearing all clutter and unnecessary items is so important! A freshly mowed and raked yard is a plus, too. Decoration is great, but don't date the photos with seasonal decor (CHRISTMAS, Halloween). Use something neutral (fall or summer themes are less specific than specific holidays.)

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