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Real Estate photos matter. Invest in yourself by making your listings stand out.


Think about this... if by having stand-out photos, your listing sells 60 days faster... how much have you saved your client? Two house payments before they can move on??


That's significant! THAT'S what makes lifetime clients! 


Aerial Photos and Video keep the viewers attention. That extra bit of view time is what you need to make your listing stand out. 

We offer aerial photos and video and I'm PT 107 Certified. That means that I have a license to use our aerial images commercially (which is what you are doing when you put them in the MLS) and we practice safe flying standards. 

We've had our license since 2016, flying since 2014.


We can put together a package of marketing materials that fit what you need. 

Small house and 360?

Large home and aerial photos and video?

Just let me know what you want.

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